What people are saying about working with Jenn

“I saw Jenn for private sessions for hip and leg pain I’d been dealing with for years.  I tried physiotherapy and chiropractors but Jenn was the only one who was able to help me finally get back to being consistently pain-free and feeling strong and confident in my body again”

– Claudia Haas

“Jenn you have such a soothing presence that helped alleviate a lot of fears or misconceptions about childbirth which I appreciate.”

- E.B.

“Excellent class! Jenn, you are a key resource for first time moms like myself!”

- K.M.

“I found Jen’s classes fun, informative, and relaxing. It was a great way to meet other moms and exchange tips while exercising!”

- Mishelle Lavoie

“What is special about Jenn is her knowledge of movement and how to apply that to the womanly body. I have had the pleasure of working with Jenn first as her doula, then her peer and lastly her client. It was her knowledge combined with her sense of empathy and compassion that made all the difference in the world to my situation; it’s this combination of traits that makes her teaching so unique!”

- Nikki Tews, DONA Birth Doula & Childbirth Educator (CBI)

“Jenn is not your average yoga instructor. She takes the time to make sure you’re happy and comfortable throughout her classes. Her knowledge on proper alignment is extensive and I have learned so much! Also her studio is beautiful, calm and relaxing.”

– Samantha Mtatiro

“Jenn your knowledge helped me to fix and understand issues in my pregnancy. Thank you. You are amazing!”

- D.F.

“Jenn’s passion for yoga and birth shines through in her prenatal yoga class. Her depth of knowledge on the subject is phenomenal, and she takes the necessary care and time to explain pregnancy and the body to new mom-to-be’s like me. Over the course of her 6-week prenatal yoga session, I learned about how important posture is for childbirth, and I could feel improvements in my posture over the 6-weeks. I often find myself integrating her tips and tricks at work and home. As a teacher, she is attentive to the unique needs of each individual, and creates a very comfortable, safe space to practice yoga. This is what will make me keep coming back to Jenn’s classes!”

- Susan Saunders

“Jennifer’s prenatal yoga classes played a significant role in the birth experience I shared with my baby, my partner and my mother. She reinforced the notion that childbirth is a natural process and that it can be peaceful. I had a natural, peaceful and powerful birthing journey and believe that Jennifer’s class played a role in that. I also believe that I yoga’ed my baby into our peaceful birth as my waters gently broke after yoga class!

Jennifer, what you offer in these prenatal classes is invaluable to Yellowknifer’s. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience in your class and the impact it had on my pregnancy and birthing experience. Your teachings in this class provide expectant mothers with a fresh perspective on pregnancy, labour, birth and motherhood. Jenn, this class was such an awesome surprise. You gave us so much more than I ever expected and I am so thankful. I recommend your class to every new expectant mother I meet!”

- Susan Fitzky

“I had the opportunity to take several classes with Jenn. The best part of working with Jenn was her body movement knowledge and calming presence. I was pregnant during my classes. They helped tremendously with my back and hip pains. I truly believe the breathing techniques I learned in Jenn’s classes helped with my labour. I recommend her classes to anybody.”

- Annie-Claude Boudreau

“When I first started teaching with Jenn in 2008 I knew I was in the presence of a great yoga teacher who helps others reap the benefits of yoga practice. She is one of the best!”

– Norma French-Heslep, Yoga Teacher

“I wasn’t sure what to expect with prenatal yoga because I’ve gone to a few other yoga classes before and never stuck with it. I went to every prenatal yoga class during the session I signed up for and looked forward to them every week! Jenn is knowledgeable and shows it by how easy-going the class is while incorporating moves that are both engaging and therapeutic. I’ve started using some of the poses at home to help with relaxation/ stress management and being comfortable while pregnant. I’d recommend this class to any pregnant mama!”

- Meghan Penton

“The breathing exercises and pelvic floor awareness I developed through Jenn’s prenatal classes empowered me to have the peaceful birth I had hoped for.”

- Kerry Wheler

“Jenn recently developed a specific program to help me with joint and muscle pain related to post-cancer treatment. The program was extremely effective in managing the physical and emotional stresses of the illness. Her considerable knowledge in the area of biomechanics, her many years of teaching, combined with her passion and dedication to the practice of yoga make Jenn an amazing and trusted teacher.”

- Toni Riley, Yoga Teacher

“Jenn’s knowledge of human anatomy and biomechanics allows her to design sessions that suit postnatal mamas’ needs. The fact that she’s a mom herself also makes her very understanding of babies’ needs during the class.”

- H.L.

“I really liked the way Jenn would tailor the prenatal class to how everyone was feeling on that particular day even if it wasn’t quite what she had planned.”

- M.C.

“The stretching was key for me, but the added value was the knowledge & clear explanations that Jenn was able to share with us both in the class & supplemented with handouts to take home. I think understanding how a certain movement can help with discomfort or with labour makes me more inclined to incorporate it more regularly into my life.”

- S.E.

“Jenn is very knowledgeable and continues to empower herself with research on biomechanics to integrate into her yoga practice. I find her calm demeanor refreshing during each session, it leaves me feeling rejuvenated at the end of each class.”

- Erin Scott
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