2021: A New Year

Well here we are at the start of another new year.  A new year with so much potential for doing things differently.  You don’t need me to summarize the challenges and craziness of 2020.  Instead, I’m going to share personal reflections, 2020 moments I’m thankful for, and hopes for the future.  Like most of us, …

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RePose & Anti-Racism

For the last couple of weeks, like many of us, I’ve been paying attention. After the brutal murder of George Floyd (over a $20 bill) in Minneapolis, and the increased media attention to the Black Lives Matter movement, it would be impossible not to. The real problem though lies in that many of us were …

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Eyes, Screens & Covid-19

In these times of social distancing many of us are spending even more time on screens than we were before.  Now in-person meetings, coffee break socials, book clubs, and fitness classes have moved to screens.  I’ve been hearing from many people that are feeling screen fatigue.  So I thought I’d write a little blog on …

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Progressive Overload Part 2

Just in case you missed Part 1, Progressive What? I thought Overload was Harmful. This will be the more concise summary version. If anything here sounds weird, please refer to Part 1. KEY MESSAGES: Pain or injury happens when you load a part of your body more than that part of the body has the …

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