Foot Yoga Workshop for Whole Body Mobility

  • July 18, 2019
    6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Thursday July 18 6:00 – 8:30pm

This workshop is for walkers, runners, yogis/inis, athletes, and anyone that wants to develop a strong and healthy foot foundation to support the rest of the body!  We tend to ignore our feet and most of us have a lot of movement blindspots in the feet!  This workshop will help you learn to pay attention to the strength and mobility of your foot and ankle joints.  Addressing blindspots in the feet can make a world of difference to our yoga and movement practices and the rest of the body. Unfortunately our feet have been bound in footwear for decades and the restricted strength and mobility in the feet tends to move up the chain to affect movement in the rest of the body (especially hips and knees but even shoulders and neck!).  This workshop is designed to give your feet some love so that your whole body can benefit!


While pretty much everyone can benefit from developing more foot strength and mobility, this workshop will also help you learn about movement-based approaches to improve or prevent bunions, foot pain, limited foot ankle or hip mobility, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon pain, knee or hip pain, flat feet/fallen arches, prescribed orthotics, poor balance!  You’ll learn how to improve foot (and hip) strength and mobility, great daily exercises for your feet, and how to evaluate footwear (and why it might be the opposite of what you think!).


We’ll practice exercises that can help improve both strength and mobility of the foot, ankle and hip and demonstrate the relationship between them – you may never have considered how the restriction in your hip mobility could be stemming from your feet!  We will also look at the movements of the foot, ankle and hip required during walking.  Whether you avoid walking or love it you’ll learn things that can help you improve your ability to create strength through walking.



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    • Experience a total workout for the feet
    • Learn important daily foot exercises you can do at home to gain more strength and mobility
    • Discover how foot mobility relates to the knees, hip mobility, & more
    • Find out how to strengthen your feet beyond reliance on orthotics
    • Hear about a totally different approach to how footwear choices affect foot health and learn what to look for when purchasing shoes
    • Exercises to improve and maintain balance
    • Ways to minimize bunions, address plantar fasciitis, & improve circulation to the feet



After this workshop you’ll never view your feet the same way again!


* If you’ve taken the Healthy Feet Workshop or the Functional Feet Workshop in the past and are interested in this updated version of the workshop and in reviewing the exercises again, contact me to arrange a discount.


What people are saying about Jenn’s Foot Workshop:


“This workshop exceeded my expectations!  I especially liked learning about how the feet are important for the whole body and some of the hip exercises.”


“Thank you Jenn! I will highly recommend this workshop to others – the exercises and stretches actually work and are a stepping stone to more foot health!” 


“I have recommended this workshop to friends!  I like that there are things I can incorporate into my daily life to strengthen and increase the flexibility of my feet.” 


“Great workshop! Very informative, friendly and a nice mix of info, demo and exercises.  The most useful for me was understanding the movement connection between the foot and hip and the list of shoe brands that promote good foot health.” 


*Please note our Refund Policy before purchase.


4910 50th St., 3rd Floor, Yellowknife

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