Foot Gymnastics for Dynamic Aging

  • February 6, 2018
    12:10 pm - 12:55 pm
  • February 13, 2018
    12:10 pm - 12:55 pm
  • February 27, 2018
    12:10 pm - 12:55 pm
  • March 6, 2018
    12:10 pm - 12:55 pm
  • March 13, 2018
    12:10 pm - 12:55 pm

Tuesdays Feb 6 – March 13 (No class Feb 20)

This class will be all about the feet (knees and hips included – “the ankle bone’s connected to the leg bone”…). Despite having 33 joints in each foot and 25% of the body’s bones and muscles, the feet are usually a neglected part of our work outs. Yet pain and other problems with the feet are among the leading causes of preventing people from being more active.


The feet are our foundation and what is going on in the feet can affect just about every other part of our body.  With 33 joints in each foot, the feet are designed for movement. Yet they’ve been immobilized for decades in the shoes we wear and the uniformly flat surfaces we find in both our indoor and outdoor environments.  When we load the rest of our body in rigid, weak, immobile feet other muscles and joints have to step in for the lack of strength and mobility in the feet.  Without restoring function in the feet, this cycle continues and we have come to expect that balance and agility decrease with age and bone density and falls become a concern.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Restoring strength, mobility and function to the feet is available at any age.  That’s what this 5-week class series is about.


“The longer we’ve been inactive, the less all our parts move, and the more we start doing things in life that repeat the [immobility] cycle.”– Katy Bowman



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  • Learn important daily foot, leg and hip exercises you can do at home
  • Understand how footwear choices affect your health 
  • Enjoy walking as an important daily whole-body exercise
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how your feet work
  • Experience how foot health relates to knees, hips, pelvic floor & more
  • Increase foot mobility & strength to improve balance & prevent falls
  • Alleviate symptoms of bunions, plantar fasciitis, knee and hip pain, & improve circulation to the feet


Leave the class each week feeling more connected to the ground, with more hip strength and support, and with very happy feet!



These classes will be progressional over the 5 weeks.  You’ll learn some useful daily exercises to do at home or at your desk so that you can see improvements from week to week and challenge yourself with different movements in each class.



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