Balancing Strength

  • May 14, 2019
    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Tuesday May 14 7:00-8:30pm


This event is happening in May as part of several events I’m offering for Foot Health Awareness Month! You can register for this class individually or get a discount when you register for all 3 events (Yoga Strength for Runners, Foot Gymnastics for Dynamic Aging) here.


The ability to maintain balance is something we often think about when we think about a yoga practice and being able to practice many postures while standing on one foot. However, balance ability is important for walking, running, and most other sports and activities.  Walking requires you to balance your weight all on one foot/leg during the swing phase.  This requires a lot of hip strength, foot strength and ankle mobility. Because many of us haven’t practiced or maintained all of these components if you were to slow down your walking cycle you will find that you are likely not balancing at all but falling forward as you walk.  This means that instead of using muscular strength and control we are mostly using gravity and joint position.  It might not be a big deal now but it can become a big deal later – ankle, knee, hip challenges tend to become more prevalent.  And then as we get older we might find ourselves walking with more of a shuffle, partly from from the fear of falling and largely from the lack of strength and mobility in all of the areas necessary for balancing and for using strength and balance while walking.  None of this is a necessary part of aging.  Understanding how you move at a young age can prevent this from happening and improvements can be made at any age.


For runners and athletes ankle mobility and stability is super important to prevent injury….there is a balance component to any activity that involves moving on our feet!


In this workshop, we’ll practice exercises that can help improve both strength and mobility of the foot, ankle and hip and demonstrate the relationship between them – you may never have considered how the restriction in your hip mobility could be stemming from your feet!  We will also look at the movements of the foot, ankle and hip required during walking.  Whether you avoid walking or love it you’ll learn things that can help you improve your ability to create strength through walking.  This workshop is appropriate for adults of any age – you will learn the skills to maintain or to regain balance.



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        • Important daily foot exercises you can do at home to gain more strength and mobility
        • How foot mobility relates to the knees, hip mobility, & more
        • Exercises to improve and maintain balance



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4910 50th St., 3rd Floor, Yellowknife

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